Q: Do you ship internationally?
Absolutely! However you may be responsible for import duties and taxes 

Q: How do I care for my resin jewellery?
A: Although resin is a hard-wearing material, care must be taken to ensure the preservation of its its glossy polished finish. Avoid scratching and dulling the surface of your resin jewellery by keeping it separate from abrasive or sharp objects. Polish it with a soft cloth and a little water if necessary, never use chemical cleaners such as acetone and alcohol. 
Avoid prolonged, direct exposure to sunlight or extreme heat, as this may discolour the resin.

Q: Do you create custom orders?
A:  Unfortunately custom orders are unavailable at this time

Q: Is Little Constellation jewellery heavy?
A: No, it's deceptively lightweight! Although resin holds many of the same visual qualities of glass, it is much lighter. For example, the Little Constellation Liquid Drops, despite their size, weigh only approximately 9 grams each, which is less than the weight of a NZ $2 coin.

Returns and Repairs
Little Constellation will repair or replace any products in line with the consumer guarantees act NZ(1993)
Faulty Jewellery will be repaired at no cost, providing this is within the first 6 months of the initial purchase date. Faults do not include bent hardware, scratched or cracked jewellery, or general wear and tear such as fading and worn plating.
Little Constellation does not accept returns for changes of mind.